Friday, June 1, 2012

Katrina attack by...

Most of the time stylist Kapoor Bollywood actress recently finished up 65 th Cannes film Sonam utsabe joined. 
 He took part in the event of a cosmetic brand. Festival is a popular TV channel in France at the end of the interview. The claim itself as the promoter of Bollywood's new style Sonam comments, the only Bollywood actress, she is the only one that I had to copy the style. He is the only fashion in the new series came out. The stylist had another interview Bollywood actress, who is about Katarina kaif. The Sonam said, What do I do when I play it I do not Katarina. Because there was only imitate others. The talent for mimicry and his desire to tell him my regards to the flowers. Sonam Kapoor said, I was off to play some shots that I think is a cool girl katarina. The scene that plays like he's cool, I do not think I am. Katarina has suddenly dumb comments like that about Sonama. Bollywood has criticized this tempestuous.