Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rihanna warn...

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 HOT Singer Rihanna's aides have been warned they face the sack if they party as hard as she does.

The bleary-eyed singer’s management laid down the law in an employee handbook given to workers on her European tour.
It spelled out strict behaviour rules. Staff including road crew, musicians and dancers were told: “We do not tolerate yelling at any time, unless someone’s life is in danger. There is never a time when shouting or being disrespectful is acceptable.
“We do not tolerate coming to work late, hung over or smelling of booze.
“We do not tolerate any drug use, on or off the job. You are representing Rihanna and yourselves. If you are caught using drugs you will be asked to leave the tour.”
Fans of Umbrella singer Rihanna, 24, will wonder how many of the rules SHE has broken.