Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Madonna kicks off...

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Over the last few weeks I've dished out a bit of abuse to Madonna.

We even knitted her a jumper to cover her up. But last night it was hard to criticise how good she looked on stage.
The Queen Of Pop kicked off her UK dates with all guns blazing in London’s Hyde Park.
In a see-through bra and sexy, Lara Croft-style outfit with leather boots, the 53-year-old had the crowd in her sights — wielding a pistol and an assault rifle — and showing off dance routines more complicated than a Rubik’s Cube. 
There were none of the boob flashes seen in recent gigs on her MNDA world tour,  but things turned filthier after a costume change for Express Yourself.

Friday, July 13, 2012

COCO sexy shot in beach

COCO Austin gives her sexy shot in Rico beach and famous buttocks a boost as she celebrates with a saucy snap. 

Sexy and hot
The curvaceous model showed off her famous behind in a tiny pink bikini and gave it plenty of support by cupping the cheeks as she smouldered over her shoulder. Sexy Photo is very hot.
She tweeted: “Sometimes you just got to keep in touch w/the booty & hold it sometimes... Puerto Rico Thong Thursday.”
Ice-T’s stunning missus – real name Nicole Natalie Marrow – proved she’s as hot as ever in the sexy shot, taken on Puerto Rico beach.
And the view from the front raised the temperature of the Caribbean resort even more.
The laced-up bandeau top displayed plenty of her other assets as she scraped the hair off her face to soa.
Earlier the voluptuous 33-year-old retweeted a party pic of herself in a French maid outfit.
But in true Coco style, the skirt had been customised to allow maximum buttock exposure.
She teamed the saucy black and white dress with fishnet tights which left little to the imagination. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mario Balotelli to become a dad?

Mario Balotelli with grilfriend, raffaella, mario Balotell and ex-girlfriend
The Italian star, no stranger to childish antics, was apparently delighted to find out that he will have a young buddy to play with.
Ex-girlfriend Raffaella Fico told Super Mario about the news on the eve of the Euro 2012 semi-final against Germany, and he reportedly told her: ‘You gave me the best news of the world.’

He showed his baby delight by scoring twice in a match-winning display.

She added that Mario, never one to mince his words, would prefer a boy and be the one to choose the name – in spite of the fact the pair broke up in April.

The relationship lasted just over a year and failed to survive the rumours that he was having a string of affairs.

The busty model insists, however, that the pair are ‘rebuilding their relationship’.

She is no stranger to the spotlight herself, having appeared on Italy’s Big Brother and previously gone out with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Raffaella seems to share Mario’s penchant for attention-seeking: she once put her virginity up for auction for 1 million euros (£800,000).


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Indian cricketers want sex

Mumbai, Some Indian cricketers allegedly demand sex to fix a game, reveals this India Today investigation.  London-based The Sunday Times claim on March 12 that small-time actor Nupur Mehta was used to offer cricketers money to throw matches has once again raised spectre of match-fixing. Mehta denies allegations that she was used to fix big-ticket India, Pakistan semi-final match at Mohali during 2011 World Cup. “I don’t know any cricketer personally and I was at my home on the day match was played,” she says. But other Bollywood starlets aren’t cagey about having been approached to reach out to Team India and cricketers of other countries, source cricket.com.pk

Liza Malik, 25, says a UK-based bookie offered her Rs 50 lakh to put him in touch with a leading Indian cricketer during IPL-4 in May 2011. Cricketer was her partner on a TV reality show that she participated in. Malik was also a regular at IPL after-parties. The bookie, who introduced himself as Razzak, thought she could be a conduit to the cricketer.
“I was shooting in Thailand in May last year for an advertisement when Razzak started calling. He wanted me to arrange a meeting with cricketer. He offered me Rs 50 lakh but I refused,” Malik says. “When I was rude with him he threatened me,” she adds. Malik filed a complaint with Oshiwara Police Station in Mumbai in May 2011. Her complaint was never taken up.
India Today spoke with prominent bookies in and around Mumbai to assess seriousness of allegations. Bookies allege cricketers from Pakistan, Sri Lanka & West Indies opt for match-fixing because they are not paid much by their respective boards. Pakistani cricketers can be fixed for Rs 50 lakh whereas amount goes up to Rs 10 crore per match when it comes to Indian cricketers.
Indian cricketers often demand sex with beautiful women instead of money. A top bookie from Thane, Mumbai, says almost 80 per cent matches in second and fourth season of IPL were fixed. He says a right-hand spinner, a left-hand batsman, a left-hand medium pacer and an all-rounder were “mostly interested in physical contact with models during IPL-4.”
Another bookie disagrees and says Indian players’ involvement in fixing is less than players of other countries as they earn huge money through endorsements. Also, not everyone sells out. “No bookie can dare approach top players like Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Rahul Dravid and Virender Sehwag due to their integrity. Some newcomers are also honest,” he says.
Another reveals relations between an Ulhasnagar-based bookie Deepak Narayani alias Deepu Balaji’s and a “heavyweight” cricketer from Mumbai. “Balaji and cricketer were allegedly involved in fixing three one-day international matches three years ago.” Narayani, who was arrested in 2002 and 2008 by Ulhasnagar police on betting charges, says cases are false.
During trial of Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Asif in London in October 2011, public prosecutor informed court that betting on cricket in Asia was worth $40 billion (Rs2,000 crore). In Mumbai, a major centre for betting, around 10 bookies run the business, with most of them operating from outside India.
Ulhasnagar, a small town near Mumbai, emerged as a major betting centre over past few years. Sources say an Ulhasnagar resident known only as Jaggi is a prominent name in betting syndicate. Pawan Chikki from Ghodbunder Road & Praful Katchchi from Dombivali operate in Thane. Some bookies are active in temple town Shirdi.
Deputy Commissioner of Police Amar Jadhav, who busted a betting racket in 2010, says bookies in Mumbai also exploit Indian students in UK. “Betting in sport is legal in UK but one has to have a local bank account to operate it. Hence, bookies access bank accounts of Indian students studying in UK. They pay them Rs 50,000 per month and use their bank account to route hawala transactions,” he says. Whether there is any truth to Mehta story or not, gentleman’s game has suffered yet another body blow to its reputation.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rihanna and Chris 'Perfect Couple'

Rihanna and Chris Brown, Rihanna Hot Photo, Chris Brown,

Rihanna and Chris Brown are perfect couple. Rihanna’s father has given his blessing for the singer to continue her rumoured relationship with Chris Brown. .

Despite the fact that Chris pleaded guilty to assaulting Rihanna in 2009 – with the violent attack leaving her with horrific injuries – Ronald Fenty said that the pair has his blessing to continue their rumoured relationship.
He told Grazia magazine: “Chris has matured a lot. I think everybody has to put the past behind them. And they seem to have done that. Being a couple is all up to her.”
Ronald speaks in short sentences, doesn’t he?
And not only does Rihanna’s dad not mind the thought of Chris and Rihanna being romantic again – with the former couple apparently spending a lot of time together in New York over the last few weeks – Ronald actually hopes they’ll get it on.
He told the magazine: “Every decision is her decision. I just wish her the best. I hope things will work out.
“Everyone is entitled to make a mistake.
“Her fans are hoping it will happen. They see them as a perfect couple."

Monday, July 2, 2012

Katie-Tom Divorce, Suri in training camp

Katie, Tom & Suri, Here have Katie-tom with child suri
The 33 years old actress Katie believed he would send Suri to the Sea Organisation, where children as young as five follow a strict lifestyle
Worried Katie Holmes divorce Tom Cruise amid fears he planned to pack their daughter off to a hardcore Scientology training camp, source Daily Mirror.
According to reports in the US, the 33-year-old actress believed he would enrol six-year-old Suri in the group known as Sea Organisation, where children as young as five can be sent away to live.
Recruits wear uniforms and have to follow a strict “military-style” lifestyle.
Youngsters are schooled there and it’s claimed that older members work from early in the morning until late at night in bases around the world.
“You live in cramped quarters, are served food in the cafeteria area and you basically work from 8.30 in the morning all the way through to 11.30 at night,” one former member said.
Sea Org is also responsible for training Scientology’s most senior staff members, and is charged with “safeguarding the advanced levels of Scientology”.
Katie was determined to prevent Suri becoming heavily involved in the controversial cult, based on the teachings of science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.
But a source told US showbiz website RadarOnline that dad Tom will “move Heaven and Earth” to ensure his daughter remains a Scientologist.
The insider added: “Tom is incredibly passionate about Scientology, this isn’t just some hobby for him and he doesn’t just act as a spokesperson.
“He truly believes in the church and its teachings and thinks it is imperative that his children are raised as Scientologists. “Tom will move Heaven and Earth to ensure Suri stays a Scientologist, at least until she is of an age to make a decision to leave on her own accord.” However, it’s thought that Katie was desperate not to allow her daughter to be sent away to join the Sea Org, which was first created at sea.
One source said: “Tom is very keen on Suri taking an active role in Scientology, but Katie has never shared his enthusiasm.
"The Sea Org is the very top of the religion, and members are expected to be fully committed to the organisation.” Members are even made to sign a contract lasting one billion years.
Members of the Sea Org are paid a weekly allowance of around £18 a week.