Monday, December 19, 2011

Lady Gaga gives...

Lady Gaga gives permission to her British driver for year's supply of nappies after hearing he was about to become a dad for the first time.
Not only that, she's also told her interior design team to transform his spare room into a nursery.
Beats a £10 Mothercare voucher and a box of rusks.
A source said: "Gaga is very generous with her presents and makes a huge effort for those who look after her. As soon as she found out her UK driver was going to be a dad, she was on the phone trying to sort out a gift. It had to be something quirky, too — it's part of her nature."
Gaga has used the same driver for years, since she first started performing in the UK. The poor bloke has to drive her through hordes of screaming fans after gigs. Considering how often she stands up through the sunroof to salute her Little Monsters, he must know every inch of her midriff.
The singer won't be able to hand over the Pampers personally this Christmas as she'll be in the US with her family. Her boyfriend Taylor Kinney will be joining the Gaga clan, meeting her parents for the first time.
On Boxing Day he'll fly from Pennsylvania, where his parents live, to New York for a big dinner.