Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cheryl Cole got boobs back

The Geordie singer has revealed she's back in her biggest bras thanks to some good old fashioned home cooking.
She's returned to her physical peak after a couple of years looking like she's in dire need of a steak dinner.
Cheryl said: "The curves are back, well and truly.
"I've got my boobs and bum back and, yeah, I like it. I think it's sexy."
Using these pictures as evidence, she's not wrong.
The former X Factor judge blames an intense working schedule for the ultra skinny figure she had a few months back.
She said: "When I'm really thin is normally when I am working non stop. I don't put any emphasis on thinking, 'Oh, I'm thin at the moment'.
"Right now I've got my curves back because I've had time off, I'm at home cooking, I'm more relaxed.
"I'm not defined by being 7lb heavier than I was two months ago — I think it is really unhealthy to go there."
The Girls Aloud star has been keeping a low profile over the past few months while recording her third album.
The first single is due out in the spring so it won't be long until she's back on our screens talking about her music. But for now, we'll just have to settle for Cheryl banging on about her new shoe collection.
The first 12 styles went on sale this week, and it's unlikely any of them will get the treatment some of Cheryl's favourite pairs do.
She said: "There is a big chance when you open the fridge in my house there will be a pair of shoes at the bottom."
Didn't have her down as Cold Feet fan.
Cheryl has named some of her collection after a few famous names - including RI RI and Your Royal Hotness, which must reference Prince Harry rather than Prince Andrew.
But blowing the rest out of the water is the brilliantly titled Byker Grove.
Geoff would be proud.