Saturday, December 17, 2011

Monica Bellucci nude shoot again

Monica Bellucci nude shoot again. She looks incredible as she strips naked for steamy scenes in her latest movie. And not only was she 46 when she shot the film, but she had given birth to her second daughter, Leonie, just six weeks before.
The Matrix Reloaded star shot the nude scenes for the aptly-titled Un été brûlant, which translates as A Scorching Summer. And she says that she felt safe stripping for director Philippe Garrel, even though the request came at a "fragile moment as a woman". Monica is married to Black Swan star Vincent Cassell and they have an older daughter, Deva, born in September 2004.
She celebrated the birth of Leonie, in May 2010, with a naked front cover on Vanity Fair.
The stunning star has never shied away from saucy roles.
After stripping off for the 2002 movie Irreversible, she said: "I'm not scared by nudity, because for me, nothing is more beautiful than a body.
"You can have such an amazing emotion from a body. In Irreversible, I treated my body like it was an object and it's great when you can have this kind of relation with your body, it's a part of your job, an object you can work with."
Now 47, she's still got a body to be proud of.