Sunday, December 4, 2011

Britney spears going to be bride soon?

Britney spears going to be bride soon? Weekened Mail-
Dear Ted:
What say you about the Britney Spears engagement rumors? And if they are going to get engaged, do you think she'll follow through and tie the knot?
Dear Third Time's The Charm:
Brit-Brit—who just turned the big 3-0 the other day (happy belated B-day, girl!)—has really settled down in the past couple years, and it is très possible that she'll get hitched in 2012 (Jason just hasn't popped the Q yet). And let's be real: Has Britney ever had a problem following through and walking down the aisle?!
Dear Ted:
Any thoughts on the Katy Perry/Russell Brand divorce rumors? I know they are denying it but with all of their past and (maybe) present Vicey behavior, it seems possible that their marriage really could be on the rocks!
Dear Till Vice Do Us Part:
This couple hardly keeps their past a secret from one another, so that's a non-issue with these two. And while their current secrets could be a bit nastier, they aren't splitting. Believe it or not, these two will try extra hard to make their marriage stick before giving up.
Dear Ted:
Please, please, please set the record straight on Lea Michele and Cory Monteith secretly dating?! The Monchele fandom is going crazy....please give us some scoop!
Dear Here We Go Again:
I already did, doll. Monchele. Love it.
Dear Ted:
Recently Michelle Trachtenberg has stated that she was a strong contender for Kristen Stewart's Bella Swan, but there were "scheduling conflicts." We know that Jennifer Lawrence was also considered for the role. I don't think that anyone can play Bella like Kristen can, same with Robert Pattinson as Edward. They make those characters their own. My question is did Jennifer and Michelle actually have a good chance or was Kristen Catherine Hardwicke's choice from the beginning?
Dear Bella Swannabes:
Chances are if either of those two fab actresses bagged the role, you'd think they were irreplaceable, too. Remember, folks weren't exactly pleased when Rob was first cast as Edward. Think it's too funny how tres be-otchy Michelle is being about the role so many years later.
Dear Ted:
I know a lot of people are skeptical about their relationship, but I think Ben Affleck and Jen Garner are the cutest. If you look at pictures of them together, they look really happy and in love. I wonder if either one has any Vicey behavior?