Thursday, September 8, 2011

I’m single, I will meet with Ranbir Kapoor: Bipasha

Bipasha Basu broke up with John Abraham, she has constantly been linked to other Bollywood leading men. First, it was Shahid Kapoor. Then, it was suggested that she was cosying up to Salman Khan.
But bipasha isn’t amused. “ranbir kapoor is a great friend and an awesome guy. I’ve known him for many years. If I need to, I can speak to him directly. I don’t have to go through Twitter,” she says.

The actor adds with a laugh, “And seriously, I don’t need to woo men now. I feel I am at a stage in my life where men should woo me. It shouldn’t be the other way around.”
And while hot bipasha basu informs that she met Salman at a Bodyguard premiere, which he had personally invited her to, she refutes talks of shooting a song in his next venture, Sher Khan.
“I was surprised to read that I am bonding with Salman over text messages and poetry. Let me clarify that I am not into poetry. And until I know the person well, I don’t send text messages,” she retorts.
The Lamhaa (2010) actor accepts that she and Salman — who isn’t on good terms with John —didn’t “speak much” all these years.
“But he was very nice to me at the premiere. I have heard he is doing well after his operation in the US, and I really wish him a speedy recovery,” says Bipasha, adding that she has no idea about the “issues” that existed between Salman and her ex-boyfriend.
As far as her current relationship status goes, the actor insists she’s keen on widening her friend circle now. “Since I’m a
single girl, I will go out and meet new people. I won’t be a person who wraps up work and sits at home.
If anyone spots me meeting new people and later writes about it, I’m ok with that,” says the actor.