Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scarlett Johannson’s nude photo hacked

Scarlett Johannson’s nude photo hacked. Celeb sites including Perez Hilton and Media Takeout have posted photos this morning of a scarlett johannson pics.
E! News and TMZ say that johannson scarlett, who is filming The Avengers right now in New York, may be the victim of a cellphone hacker. The two photos that have popped up appear to be taken by the actress. In one, she's on a bed, topless. And in another she's doing the popular bathroom mirror shot.

In March, scarlett's name popped up on a list of celebrities whose cellphones, computers and e-mail accounts were hacked. Now, sources are saying that ScarJo has contacted the FBI to get involved, as they were in March when Vanessa Hudgens was targeted.
The FBI is investigating the release of nude photos allegedly hacked from Scarlett Johannson’s phone, has learned.
"The FBI is aware of the alleged hacking incident and is looking into it," an FBI official told.
Private cell phone snaps the star allegedly took of herself surfaced on the Internet Wednesday.
One photo, posted to (NSFW), seems to show Johansson draped in nothing but a towel, taking a photo of her exposed backside reflected in a mirror.
Another photo seems to show the Golden Globe-winning actress in a topless self-portrait.
The FBI has reportedly been investigating hacks into as many as 50 celebs' email accounts, including those of Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Alba.
Johansson's camp has not commented on the photos.