Monday, September 5, 2011

Shahid Kapoor 'confused' in love

Shahid Kapoor 'confused' in love.
The usually calm and reserved Shahid Kapoor is very rarely seen chatting up women and being the party boy.
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The Bollywood actor recently made a visit to Mumbai-based newspaper office and surprised the staff there with his quips, flirtatious banter and funny qoutes. DNA quizzed the 30-year-old actor about his style and fashion statements such as torn jeans and hoodies, and the actor replied in good humour by saying, "Yaar, main baal ugaa raha hu. Toh, I just use the hood to put them back. A lot of people told me that they see me in the same pair of jeans everywhere. I’m working on it, man, I’m working on it — under Sonam’s Kapoor advice. That there is more to life than torn jeans and tee-shirts."
Sonam Kapoor plays his lady love in dad Pankaj Kapur's directorial venture Mausam, Shaid upcoming release. It might appear to some, but Shahid insists that Sonam is NOT taller.
"No Sonam is not taller than me but I think when she wears these 3 inches heels she becomes taller. Bahut lambi hai yaar…!"
But his non-committal diplomatic answers resurfaced when they asked about his relationship status.
"Main khud nahin jaanta mera kya status hain. Even on Facebook my status is ‘Confused’… ‘It’s Complicated’!"
Here's hoping some pretty young lady comes by to clear his confusion soon...