Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Israeli Girl Army release HOT picture

Israeli Girl Army, Israeli Army Hot Picture
HE stripping Israeli female recruits have finally been revealed - after their antics on Facebook made them global news. Click for more hot picture.
The racy photos of the girls in their underwear went round the world yesterday but new uncensored versions of the pictures have now emerged.

They stripped off their combats in the snaps that have landed them in hot water with Israeli Army top brass.
But the identities of the soldiers have still not been released.
They are thought to be carrying out national service, compulsory for most Israelis when they turn 18.
Incredibly the brazen girls did not let that put them off and posted more sexy pics of themselves on Facebook.
  This time they showed off in just their knickers holding only assault rifles to cover their modesty.
In one of the raunchy photos five soldiers are shown standing topless in a barracks room with just combat belts covering their boobs.
In another, a recruit stands in a bra and knickers, while two others pull down their trousers to bare their thong-clad backsides.
The pictures were spotted by furious military chiefs after they found their way onto Facebook.
In a statement, army bosses revealed the recruits had acted in a manner "unbecoming" for Israeli soldiers and had been disciplined in a way "commanding officers saw fitting".