Friday, August 2, 2013

Nacked bodies used...

The eye-opening images show bare skin emulating desert, pyramids and hills - and first glance it’s difficult to tell that the “bodyscapes” are actually made up of stomachs, flexed arms and legs and necks.
At first glance, these eye-opening images appear to be stunning landscapes of deserts, pyramids and rolling hills.

But a closer look shows that the scenery is in fact made up of naked bodies - stomachs, flexed arms, legs and necks.
Creator and photographer Carl Warner said he decided to do something different after the success of his previous project, Foodscapes in 2008.
He said: “I decided to do something a bit more out there but I used the same technique and styles as before.
“It’s really just an alternative form of portraiture, which is a really intimate engagement.
“After all the body is the space that we live in.”
Weller uses one person per picture and takes hundreds of snaps at different angles before chopping and editing the pictures to look like landscapes.
He said: “I use friends and models but they want to remain anonymous.
“I just use a single person per picture so it’s all their body parts in the image.”