Friday, July 26, 2013

Nicki Minaj posted HOT picture in shower room

RAPPER Nicki Minhaj has posted Hot Picture. He has posted a picture of herself apparently naked in a shower room.

It shows her with a full face of make-up on and not a hair out of place. Feisty Nicki, 30, has been on a sexy pic posting spree, uploading stunning shots that show off her shapely curves.
The singer is well known for her famous bottom but her ample bust is the star of the show in her latest snaps.
Nicki is seen in one wearing a large gold chain and black bra along with a caption designed to draw attention to her substantial assets that reads. 

The pint-sized pop princess then posted a pic of herself in a walk-in wardrobe wearing more gold, a very tight yellow top and a black cap.
She gave a shout-out to the designer of her lairy trousers with the hashtag.
A final profile snap of the star in blue jeans pulling down her top and a close-up of her big brown eyes and bust completed the set.
Nicki recently teamed up with Chris Brown on his latest single Love More, from his upcoming album X.
They also collaborated last year on the single Right By My side.