Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Akshay Kumar declined...

Bollywood superhero Akshay Kumar is very popular in TV reality show. 
But he declined all proposal without having earned a reputation. TV reality show 'mastarasepha' and 'what khataro khilari' - The operating performance has played great. It is now proposed to restore one to the other parapharama chotapardara ceremony. As said, that he baliudi. He also said, more attention is now dhalate baliudei want. It is possible he would not like to dedicate the small screen. The Akshay said, 'I want to concentrate on just prajektagulotei Bollywood. So for the next year or year and a half of the small screen is not. Next time I would be kajagulotei. But he acted film released on June 1 st, raudi rathora. The Rajasthan samaprati held before the fashion show with a collection raudi uike Exclusive - Actress sonaksi sinahake it. Note that, to the management of the Lord 'raudi rathora' has been created.